EB-1C Green Card 

Direct Permanent Residence Through Purchase of US Company (EB1C)

The EB-1C category of permanent residence is for managers or executives who have been employed outside the United States in that capacity for one year in the last three.

They can be directly transferred under a permanent visa to a US company that is a subsidiary, parent or affiliate of the foreign company.

The requirement is that the US company be doing business for at least a year, and must be a substantial company with employees, as well as making enough of a profit to pay the offered salary to the transferee.

The connection between the two companies needs to exist as of the time of filing of the petition. Thus, an overseas company can purchase a US company that has been doing business for at least a year and is substantial enough to support the petition and immediately petition for permanent residence for the manager or executive who is being transferred.

The petition filed with USCIS can be fast-tracked through Premium Processing for a fifteen day turn around.

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