USA EB-3 Immigration Visa

EB-3 is also known as the  Employment-Based Third Preference and this immigrant visa is for individuals who want permanent residence in the United States.  If you are a professional, skilled or non-skilled (Other worker), then you are eligible for this visa category.

EB-3 Sub-Categories

1-Professional workers

Professional workers are individuals who are members of the professions and their job requires a U.S. bachelor’s degree or an equivalent foreign degree.

2-Skilled workers

Skilled Workers are individuals whose job requires at least 2 years of experience, training and education. Its nature should not be temporary or seasonal and it should be a full time job. They must meet the job requirements in terms of their educational, experience, and training level.

3-Non-skilled (Other workers)

Non-skilled (Other Workers) are individuals who perform non-skilled jobs, and whose job requires less than 2 years of experience, training, education and is not temporary or seasonal.

EB-3 Visa advantages

  • You will receive permanent residency in the United States (U.S. Green Card)
  • Your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can receive permanent residency with you.
  • Your derivative family members have permission to work and study in the United States
  • EB-3 Visa requirements are less strict than any other permanent immigrant visa. Thus,  your chances of being eligible is higher
  • Premium processing is available for EB-3 Visa category

Professional workers qualifications

  • A U.S. bachelor’s degree or equivalent foreign degree and a full time, permanent job offer
  • Show that there are no other available United States workers
  • Meet any other requirements of the labor certification

Skilled workers qualifications

  • Meet the requirement of two years experience in the job offered and any other special requirements listed in the labor certification
  • Show that there are no other United States workers available

Non-skilled (Other workers) qualifications

  • Meet the job requirements for a position that requires less than two years experience and is neither temporary, seasonal or part time.
  • Show that there are no other United States workers available.

Visa issued each fiscal year for EB-3 Visa

A percentage of 28.6 of the total 140,000 Employment Based Visas,  in addition to any unused EB-2 or EB-1 Visas.  Moreover, only 10,000 are issued for Non-skilled (other workers) sub-category of EB-3.

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