USA EB-3 Immigration Visa

EB-3 is also known as the  Employment-Based Third Preference and this immigrant visa is for individuals who want permanent residence in the United States.  If you are a professional, skilled or non-skilled (Other worker), then you are eligible for this visa category.

It should be noted that these categories require employer sponsorship and certification by the Department of Labor before the visa petition can be filed.

EB-3 Sub-Categories

1-Professional workers

Professional workers are individuals who are members of the professions and their job requires a U.S. bachelor’s degree or an equivalent foreign degree.

2-Skilled workers

Skilled Workers are individuals whose job requires at least 2 years of experience, training and education. Its nature should not be temporary or seasonal and it should be a full time job. They must meet the job requirements in terms of their educational, experience, and training level.

3-Non-skilled (Other workers)

Non-skilled (Other Workers) are individuals who perform non-skilled jobs, and whose job requires less than 2 years of experience, training, education and is not temporary or seasonal.

EB-3 Visa advantages

  • You will receive permanent residency in the United States (U.S. Green Card)
  • Your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can receive permanent residency with you.
  • Your derivative family members have permission to work and study in the United States
  • EB-3 Visa requirements are less strict than any other permanent immigrant visa. Thus,  your chances of being eligible is higher
  • Premium processing is available for EB-3 Visa category

Professional workers qualifications

  • A U.S. bachelor’s degree or equivalent foreign degree and a full time, permanent job offer
  • Show that there are no other available United States workers
  • Meet any other requirements of the labor certification

Skilled workers qualifications

  • Meet the requirement of two years experience in the job offered and any other special requirements listed in the labor certification
  • Show that there are no other United States workers available

Non-skilled (Other workers) qualifications

  • Meet the job requirements for a position that requires less than two years experience and is neither temporary, seasonal or part time.
  • Show that there are no other United States workers available.

Visa issued each fiscal year for EB-3 Visa

A percentage of 28.6 of the total 140,000 Employment Based Visas,  in addition to any unused EB-2 or EB-1 Visas.  Moreover, only 10,000 are issued for Non-skilled (other workers) sub-category of EB-3.

Do I qualify for EB-3 Visa?

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