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With offices in Stamford, New York, and Dubai Attorney Kasra and her team of US Visa experts specialize in customizing programs for investors from MENA region, India, and China to navigate them through challenging legal issues.

We are a leading expert in U.S. Immigration and provide creative solutions to investors seeking EB-5, E-2 (treaty investor) and L-1 (intracompany transferee) visas.

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Side-by-side Comparison of Investment Options in USA

E-2 L-1 RC’s EB-5 Direct EB-5
Investment Amonut (USD) Any amount
but enough to buy or create a business
Any amount $900,000 TEA
$1.8 million outside TEA
$900,000 TEA
$1.8 million outside TEA
Gifted Investment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Borrowed Investment (Loan) Yes (Certain rules applied) Yes Yes (Certain rules applied) Yes (Certain rules applied)
Investment Location Any Any $900,000 TEA
$1.8 million outside TEA
$900,000 TEA
$1.8 million outside TEA
Job Creation Requirements Usually Investor
follow the Business Plan closely
Usually Investor
follow Business Plan closely
10 direct or indirect jobs 10 direct jobs
Investor’s Role Management or/ and
day-to-day duties (optional)
Management None Investing and normally Management Acitivities
Purchasing an Existing Company Yes Yes N/A Yes, must add 10 full-time jobs
Employment Required Better to have Yes, 1 year as a manager No Better to have
Country (Passport Specific) Treaty Country Any (if foreign business is
in certain countries like Iran there are restrictions)
Any Any
Company outside the US No Yes No No
Time line** Usually 2-4 months 4-6 months 15 business
days if expedited
1.5 to 2 Years 1.5 to 2 Years
LPR (Green Card) May convert to EB-5
only if investment grow
to meet minimum EB-5 requirements later on
Managers & Directors
may apply for LPR
after one year of entry
Yes Yes
Fast Track Yes, If in US with another valid visa Yes No No
1st Visa Issuance 2-year (most nationals) 3-years (consult lawyer) Starts with 2 year conditional LPR Starts with 2 year conditional LPR
Maximum Length As long as the business is running 7 years Permanent Permanent
Who is considered Investor’s Family (Derivative) Spouse & Unmarried Children under 21 Spouse & Unmarried Children under 21 Spouse & Unmarried Children under 21 Spouse & Unmarried Children under 21
Can Your Derivative work? Yes, if qualified Yes, if qualified Yes, if qualified Yes, if qualified
Can Your Derivative Attend School/University? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employment Can apply upon entry Can apply upon entry After Obtaining Green Card After Obtaining Green Card

*TEA: Targeted Employment Area refers to “rural area” or an area which has experienced unemployment of at least 150% of the national average rate.

**Average processing time from the receipt dates . Subject to change without any notification.

***This is proprietary information and subject to change and should not be considered as legal advice. It provides a very general outlook in the scope of work.

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Attorney Marjan Kasra is the founder and Managing Attorney of the law firm and we have been assisting clients worldwide for over 14-years.

The Law Offices of Marjan Kasra, LLC is dedicated solely to the practice of immigration law and provides a wide range of immigration services including U.S. Consular Practice in Abu Dhabi, UAE.